Missionary Families
Wallace & Mary Kamau 
Wallace & Mary Kamau are Kenyans who established Missions of Hope International, which forms the basis for CMF’s Hope Partnership. They serve the urban poor in Nairobi through child sponsorship, schools, microenterprise, and AIDS ministry

Keith & Kathy Ham

In July 2003, Keith, Kathy, and their children returned to Kenya from furlough to begin ministry with a new CMF team among the urban poor of Nairobi.  From 1991-2002, they served among the Turkana — a nomadic people of Kenya’s  northwestern desert — in church planting and leadership development.

Keith and Kathy partner with Kenyans from the slum communities in serving the poor of Nairobi.  The team uses Community Health Evangelism (CHE), a proven program through local churches that assists the urban poor and brings transformation through available resources, training, microenterprise, optimism, and faith.

Keith and Kathy work specifically with the Mathare Family Hope Center (MFHC).  MFHC serves its community by providing education, clothing, and adequate nutrition to the poorest children in the village.  There is a strong CHE program in place, and the MFHC has initiated the ongoing training of the CHE evangelists.  Keith conducts vision seminars for new CHE programs in different slums.  HIV/AIDS awareness and education, as well as caring for those living with this disease, is a central part of this ministry.  The center’s microenterprise program of loans for launching small business endeavors is helping to change their living conditions. The Hams see it as a model that Kenyans can replicate in other impoverished communities.

Keith and Kathy have four children:  Karisa (1990), Kelsey (1992), Jesse (1994), and Jonathan (1997).